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Please note as from the 30th January we will be moving to fortnightly updates but still providing the same amount of content. Instead of using multiple clips we will be uploading the complete video plus photo sets & video image sets for you to enjoy.

11th March 2019

Added "I’m In Charge Now"
Running time 23 minutes 18 seconds.

Added 87 image photo set entitled "Punished Repair Man"

Added 92 image photo set taken from "I’m In Charge Now"


25th February 2019

Added "The Apprentice (Part 2)"
Running time 28 minutes 39 seconds

Added 94 image photo set entitled "Don’t Be Rude To My Friends"

Added 94 video images taken from ‘Forgotten Birthday’

Added 114 video images taken from ‘The Apprentice (Part 2)’


11th February 2019

Added "Forgotten Birthday"
Running time 16 minutes 51 seconds.

Added 107 image photo set taken from "Forgotten Birthday"

Added 108 video images taken from ‘You Need To Be Spanked’


28th January 2019

Added "You Need To Be spanked"
Running time 18 minutes 54 seconds.

Added 88 image photo set entitled "Home early"

Added 90 image photo set taken from "You Need To Be spanked"


14th January 2019

Added "Useless Driver"
Running time 14 minutes 9 seconds.

Added 97 image photo set entitled "Garage Punishment"

Added 65 image photo set taken from "Useless Driver"


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